About Sara

I Sara is from sunny San Diego CA.   She is a wife, busy mother of 3 and amateur chef stumbling through organized chaos on a daily basis using sarcasm and humor to stay sane. She will take any opportunity to demonstrate the running man in public and enjoys being a sarcastic smart ass.

Yes, I’m a granola mom – and I mean that literally because I do make my own granola,  and I strive to be more self-sufficient. However, I do not sew so let’s get that out of the way now.  I also like my skinny jeans and lip gloss.  I talk about sex and enjoy drinking whiskey neat. I like to laugh…a lot and it gives me great joy to make others laugh.  Finding the humor in this crazy life of mine make me happy. Shit gets real often and I’m gonna tell you about it.  

Mission statement –

Sarcasm and humor with a little bit of food. If I can make you smile, laugh, snort or pee your pants…and give you some dinner ideas, I’ve done my job.


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