Cheesecake Hack

The holidays can be CRAZY!! I get extravagant ideas, I over volunteer and stretch myself too thin. This year for the holiday meal  I made a cheesecake… and the main course…and an appetizer…and cookies…sigh. So It comes as no surprise that I certainly dropped the ball on something, the cheesecake…ahem. Instead of letting it cool slowly in the comfort of my turned off oven, I removed it in a flash and let it cool on the kitchen counter at a warm 68 degree temperature. Minutes later my cheesecake was cracking! Deep ravines and canyons had appeared where my smooth flawless cake had once been.

Not to worry! I had a plan…after uttering a series of profanities in my inner monologue.

I took a cheap star-shaped pastry tip that I had, cut the bottom corner of a gallon Ziplock bag and shimmied the star tip into the opening . I whipped up some whip cream…hence the name, and shoved that fluffy deliciousness into the bag(cheapest piping bag I’ve ever come across). I then piped stars all over the top of my hot mess. I took the leftover cookies from my gingerbread cookie crust and positioned them around the top. Boom. Done. No one ever knew that I didn’t truly have my shit together for this festive holiday meal.

PicMonkey Collage cheesecake

PicMonkey Collage cheesecake pinterest 2




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Sara is from sunny San Diego CA. She is a wife, busy mother of 3 and amateur chef stumbling through organized chaos on a daily basis using sarcasm and humor to soften the blow...that's what she said. She will take any opportunity to demonstrate the running man in public and enjoys being a sarcastic smart ass.

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