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This year has flown by! Christmas is just around the corner, literally. Each year it has been more and more of a challenge for me to find a meaningful gift for my husband and immediate family members. So difficult in fact that I’ve resorted to gift cards. Everyone gets a meaningful and well though out…gift card. Well, not this year. This year I found the perfect spot for personal and unique gifts that pretty much kick ass. UncommonGoods has some of the cutest things I’ve seen for my gift giving list and for myself…ahem. What makes this experience even better is that they have an Uncommon Collection Line which practices 5 standards of sustainability focusing on how and where the product is made so you can feel good and make a positive impact with your purchases.

The personalized jewelry like those here are special and one of a kind. With so many distinctive statement pieces, It’s incredibly difficult to decide! The fun, quirky and unconventional pieces that make me love this company even more are on this page.  There is something perfect for EVERYONE.

I will be prepared this holiday season. No more waiting until the last minute and settling for something subpar just so I’m not empty handed at our gift exchange. This year I will be a force to be reckoned with, placing my gifts under the tree like a boss.

It’s time to start planning my friends!

Here are a few of my favorite things-

Personalized Whiskey Barrel-Did someone say whiskey?? My own personalized barrel? To keep the sweet nectar safe for all of my drinking pleasures? Yes please.

Personality Desk Signs– These are too funny and help to lighten the mood during a long week in a busy office. “I’m kind of a big Deal” is my personal favorite. It’s exactly what I state on my PTA membership form under “special talents.” I believe we all fit this statement.

Sexy Truth Or Dare– Marriage + sex = a happy marriage. These are unique and fun intimate prompts to spice up a date night or a weekend away. The husband’s key stocking stuffer is taken care of.

F Bomb Paper weight – This speaks for itself. Love the witty and not so subtle design. It is the best paperweight ever and I must have it!

Dog Blueprint Pillow– If you are a dog lover like me, these will hold a special place in your heart. Find the specific dog for that special someone and give them a poignant and personal gift they’ll love.

Scratch Map– I absolutely love this idea. Not just a map, A cool interactive map. If you love to travel like we do,  this map allows the kids to help reveal where you’ve experienced adventure and where to go next. This one will be from Santa.

Build Your Own Marble Coaster– My 5 year old son lives to build things and see how they work. This activity will keep kids entertained and get them thinking while seeing their skills in the process.

Happy shopping my friends!!


Did you find some kick ass ideas? Are you Inspired to shop?


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